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Gary Faulkner Jr.

Gary Faulkner bowling

The youngest member of Team Dexter, Gary joined the PBA in 2013. He made headlines just two years later in his first TV appearance at the 2015 Rolltech PBA World Championship in Reno when he won his first PBA title – and became the second African-American to win a tour title.

A graduate of Webber International University, where he studied information science, the left-handed bowler was instrumental in his team’s 2012 Intercollegiate Team Championship victory and was named the ITC’s most valuable player in 2013.  Prior to that, Gary took home top honors at the 2011 Junior Gold Championship, earning him a spot on the Junior Team USA Olympic bowling team.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Gary enjoys basketball, computer programming and movies in his free time.

Gary Faulkner Jr.
Dexter Flyer